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Color Exploration: Painting 1B

Students in Painting 1B are exploring COLOR!

Looking at artists like Arturo Herrera, Clyfford Still, Ellsworth Kelly, and Mary Heilmann, the young artists are recognizing color can be charged and complex.

Presently they are making “Playscapes”, generating hand-colored papers and exploring all the different ways color can be applied to a surface.  Each student is responsible for making 4 of these investigations, which will lead to a second part of the project. As they are working, students are asking themselves many questions in the studio:

How do colors evoke emotions?

What makes a colorful composition discordant?

What color combinations are harmonious to my eye?

What tools are essential to my practice to build up color and texture?

There is something incredibly satisfying about creating a “stash” of colored papers that piles up and becomes resource material!

Below you can see some videos of students color explorations.


Student Leadership: A-Team

Allowing students to take responsibility for and voice their opinions on the day-to-day operations of the school has been and always will be the Bay way.  It’s an important part of creating an authentic experience for each student, allowing them to take ownership in the school community and make a difference where they see fit. Bay leadership teams allow students to step-up and take action for the betterment of the school and themselves.

In the video below, you will meet some members of Bay’s Admission Team (A-Team) and hear directly from them why becoming part of a student leadership team was not only important to them, but to the larger community, and what they have learned from the process.

Fall Athletics

As Bay prepares for the upcoming 2017-18 athletic seasons, we are excited to share our fall coaching line-up with the community. Many of our coaches have been at Bay for years while some are new to the Bay Athletics Program. Get to know our coaching staff below, and don’t forget that fall athletic try-outs begin Monday, August 14! Please contact Assistant Director of Athletics Samantha Gallop,, if you have any questions about the try-out schedule or to contact the individual coach.

Cross Country (Co-Ed)

Our Cross Country team will be coached by Bay’s long-time coaching staff: Bob Darling, Head Coach, Lucci Lautze, Assistant Coach and Bay Mathematics Teacher, and Paul Zager, Assistant Coach and parent of Bay Alum (Claire ‘15). Bay’s Cross Country team finished strong last season, and we can’t wait to see what our runners have in store for this year. Cross country is a great sport to try out for, especially if you are looking for the camaraderie of a team but not a traditional team sport. Novices are welcome!

Girls Golf

The Girls Golf team will be coached by Dylan Smith, Head Coach. Coach Smith has worked with the team for several seasons and is committed to ongoing player improvement. The girls have the potential for a strong finish in league this year.

Sailing (Co-Ed)

Bay’s top-notch Varsity and JV Sailing teams will be coached again this year by Brent Harrill, Director of Sailing at St. Francis Yacht Club, and Adam Corpuz-Lahne. This coaching duo has led our sailors to top 20 state rankings the last several seasons and we are hoping to move up even higher this year!

Boys Soccer

New to Bay’s Boys Soccer program this year is Matthew Favela, Head Coach for the Varsity program! Coach Favela comes to us from Town School for Boys where he has coached and organized the soccer program for the past four years. Prior to Town, Coach Favela was the head coach for the San Jose State Girls Soccer Club, Head Coach for Saratoga High School Girls JV Soccer Team, and Assistant Coach for Valley Christian High School Boys Soccer Program. Coach Favela is currently the director of Player One Soccer SF, a 1-on-1 training program for players powered by Nike, and plays goalkeeper for the SF City Football Club. Returning to the Boys JV soccer program this year is Alex Lazo. We’re excited to have Alex coaching JV soccer for the 3rd year; he’s also joined the Bay School’s admission team as an Admission Associate! Coach Favela will be coordinating Alex and three additional coaches to round out a robust soccer program.

Girls Tennis

After an incredibly strong season last fall (including a first-ever victory over Marin Academy), Emily DeCamilla will be returning as Head Coach for Girls Varsity Tennis and taking on a new role as Humanities teacher at Bay! After serving as a maternity leave replacement in the Humanities department last year, Emily, who has her Master’s degree in Education, was asked to join the department as a teacher in the Humanities 1 program. Also returning to the girls tennis program this year is John Cervantes, Head Coach for Girl JV Tennis.

Girls Volleyball

Our longtime time Girls Volleyball coaches, James Scrivano, Head Coach of Girls Varsity, and Cecily Scherschligt, Head Coach of Girls JV, are welcoming a new coach and team to the program. This year, Bay is introducing a Girls Frosh/Soph Volleyball team! Slated as the new Head Coach is Bay parent Jeremy Wagner (daughter Emily ‘19). Jeremy has a seasoned history of coaching volleyball professionally at every level of the sport and we are thrilled that he will expand his involvement within the Bay community.

Our coaches and athletic department are eager to welcome both returning and new Bay student-athletes to the field, court, track, and water. Fostering team-work, commitment, and spirit, Bay Athletics helps students reach their “individual and collective potential.” We look forward to seeing all of our Bay families and friends at games, matches, races, regattas and, of course, championships!

You won’t have to wait long to support our student-athletes: Come to our fall season opener on September 8th! GO BREAKERS!!!


Fall Season Kickoff at Kezar v3.png

Please save the date for Bay’s first athletic event of the season! Come to Kezar Pavilion/Stadium to cheer on Girls JV Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball and Boys Varsity Soccer as they play International High School! Bay will be serving up hot dogs, beverages, popcorn and much more. The big event takes place Friday, September 8 with the first game beginning at 4:15 p.m. Stay tuned for more information!

New Head Coach: Boys Lacrosse

Spring is upon us! That means more hours of daylight, sunny skies (hopefully), and most importantly spring sports!! We sat down with Bay’s new Boys Lacrosse Head Coach, Griffin Costello, to get to know him a little better and find out what he has in store for this season.

When did you get involved with lacrosse?

coasch_castilloI started playing lacrosse in the 3rd grade. I grew up in the Bay Area and played for all of
my schools, including Redwood High School where I went to the CIF championship. I also played at Sonoma State for all 4 years. After college, I coached for Redwood High School where they went undefeated, as well as for  Branson and Stuart Hall.

Lacrosse runs in my family. My father played lacrosse in high school and college, and my brother, sister and I all played on USA West All-Star teams growing up. My father was instrumental as one of five people to get lacrosse adopted by the state of California and he started a dozen teams. Lacrosse is something my family loves and it’s something that has taken me around the world. It has taught me a lot of great life lessons that I couldn’t get anywhere else other than on the field and that’s why sports are important to me.

What is it about the sport of lacrosse, in particular, that you love so much?

It’s fast-paced, it takes finesse and skill. It combines the physicality of hockey, the speed of soccer and the technique of basketball. It’s like no other sport out there. It’s also North America’s first original sport. Played by some Native American communities, [what we call lacrosse] was called “Little Brother of War” and used it to solve tribal conflicts. Games went on for days and fields were miles long. It was played for the gods, there were no egos involved. It’s pretty special to North America.

How is Bay’s team looking so far?

We are a younger team with more 9th- and 10th-graders than 11th- and 12th-graders, but we have some incredible talent and a few new players to the sport. This is exciting because we get to teach them good habits and how to be the best players they can be. We are full strength with 23 student-athletes, and have a goal to get to 28 players which is league max.

For a long time, lacrosse has been the fastest growing sport in the US and in California especially. Traditionally the East Coast is more lacrosse-oriented but over the last 5-10 years, we have seen division 1 players come out of the Bay Area and San Diego. We are in a hotbed of good teams and schools with strong programs, and we look forward to competing with them.


What is the temperament of the team?

They’re hungry! We have players that are ready to work! I am a believer of making the smart play and understanding why you are where you are on the field. With Bay’s high academic rigor, seeing them play smart is what I am looking forward to this season. That is what I personally believe in and was my playing style. It’s the right play, the smart play – that’s the play that is going to win. We are looking for the players that are going to play well together. The ones that are willing to try something new and give it their all. And they have shown me that so far.

What is your coach philosophy and what are your goals for the team this year?

Goals for the team this year… I’d like to go over 50% [of wins]. I think with a lot of hard work we are capable of it.

My coaching philosophy… work hard, play smart, play fair, play honest. Leave your ego at home. Pass the ball, pass it fast.

I want students to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge we are providing as a coaching staff and learn. I want them to improve every single day. You are not going to be able to build a rocket overnight. You have to take baby steps and learn and build off of everything you learned yesterday. Also, as a team, we will work harder together. So we will do our training and everything together — there are no seniors on the team or freshmen on the team, just lacrosse players on the team.


Bay Students Take Action

Bay is a community where students take action. Whether that action is volunteering to give back to their community or standing up against social issues they feel are unjust, Bay students go above and beyond to do what they think is right.  And as a school, Bay supports its students and takes pride when they seek to make a positive change in this world. Below are a few examples of how some Bay students are getting involved.

DSC_0927Micah ‘17 decided to take action for immigrant and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) college students who live in fear of deportation. Inspired by the outcome of the recent presidential election and a conversation with his mother, a professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, Micah decided to write and submit a proposal to rental housing tech company, Airbnb, to open its platform to these immigrant students for temporary housing during emergency situations. He wrote this proposal because he wants to see these students feel protected and safe as they earn their college education. Micah was able to connect with an executive of the company and get his proposal into their hands. He knew that even if the proposal just sat on the shelf, he needed his voice to be heard. It turns out that Micah was really onto something, as in January, Airbnb announced a new campaign called #weaccept which provides temporary housing for refugees or those that have been displaced.

Two Bay juniors are combining their passion for soccer with their desire to help other18001452_1486255379.0051 communities around the world. Olivia ‘18 and Claire ‘18 are traveling to Guatemala this month to coach soccer to young girls in the town of Nuevo Progreso. This ten-day clinic was designed by a former Bay Area high school student to teach girls the beautiful game of soccer while also giving them resources and confidence to go out and be active. This program began two years ago and this year, our Bay students will host the second clinic and are already expecting a bigger turnout than in previous years.  Olivia and Claire have been collecting donations of soccer equipment and uniforms from the Bay community to give the young students the resources needed to play the game on an ongoing basis.

While many individual students engage in activism and service, Bay also has a student-led club dedicated to ongoing community service.  Two leaders of Bay’s Community Service in Action (CSA) club, Maya ‘17 and Natalia ’17, shared a bit about their passion for service.  Natalia says, “We are really lucky here at Bay and when you give back to the community and the world, it makes you feel good…It feels really good to help other people.” As the club’s leader, Maya’s goal for the club is to make community service sustainable and not just a one-time thing. She says, “I am hoping to inspire the younger generation not to just volunteer for the sake of volunteering, but to do something consistently. We want to inspire the younger students and create an environment where people want to help their communities.” In CSA, everyone gets a voice and a choice of where and how they want to volunteer. It could be hosting a fundraiser, helping prepare and serve meals at homeless shelters or socializing dogs at animal rescue centers, helping them to get adopted. No matter how a Bay student chooses to give back, we love to see them make their mark for the betterment of their community.

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