Food is important here at Bay. With over 300 mouths to feed daily, the folks at Acre Gourmet know how to keep their family of students, staff, faculty, and guests happy. Acre Gourmet were in it from the start of the school. While eating lunch at Acre Cafe, the founding members of the Bay School looked around and thought, why don’t we have Acre cater our school lunches? And so from the very first school building to the school as it stands now, Acre Groumet has been cooking up the lunches for the community here. And like everything else at Bay, they cook from the heart.

With a rotating menu of main courses, the ever present organic salad bar, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich station, and bagels and tea in the mornings—the community is very well fed. But Acre Gourmet is also listening to student’s comments about favorite foods, dietary restrictions, and what they want more of. Britt and her team at Acre work hard to educate the community about where their food comes from, who grows their food, seasonality, and the economics of sustainable eating. It’s a tasty, tasty education.

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